A new Middle East: Avnon Academy and ADGM Academy signed an MoU agreement

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A new era began in the Middle East with the signing of the Abraham Accords a few years ago. Now, these special bonds are deepened as the first MoU agreement was signed between Dror Shrem, CEO of Avnon Academy, Mansoor Jaffar, CEO of ADGM Academy, Yasin Bhatti, Associate Director – Talent & Knowledge Development and Mohammad Al Hajeri, Head of Project Management.

As part of the agreement, Avnon Academy will train students from the United Arab Emirates in advanced training courses and establish its first academic program, specialising in innovation, deep-tech and cyber.
The program will serve as a platform that provides innovative knowledge for those taking their first steps in High-Tech fields and is also intended for those wanting to expand their existing skills. The introductory courses will be teaching programming, studying algorithms and writing code. The more advanced courses will offer programming studies on various topics, such as cyber defence, artificial intelligence (AI), deep-tech, disruptive technologies and blockchain technologies.

Led by Israel’s top experts, the program will be based on advanced teaching and research methods and… will be frontal, as well as through webinars, online courses, and podcasts. Leading instructors and teachers from IDF’S special technological units and Israeli Hi-Tech companies will give classes and share their rich knowledge and experience in innovation and technology.


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