Avnon Academy at the Isdef Expo

Written by Nicole Selzer
May 25, 2022
- 5 min. read
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Avnon Academy took part in the ISDEF expo in Tel Aviv, Israel, offering its fascinating courses in the security field.
The ISDEF Expo, part of the Avnon group, is Israel’s largest defence, HLS, and cyber exhibition.
The Avnon Group is a leading international provider of Comprehensive and integral technological solutions that maintain public safety and security under every scenario.
The ISDEF expo has been catering to the needs of the Military, Police, Special Forces, HLS organizations and the Cyber Community by exposing them to the products and solutions provided by innovative defence and security companies worldwide.

One of the main topics discussed at the ISDEF conference was Crisis Management. The conference brought together top experts and professionals in this field, both from Israel and worldwide.
Among the participants were the Former Defence Minister and Head of the Military Intelligence and the Chief of General Staff of the IDF. Moshe (Boogie) Ya’alon; Tamir Pardo, Former Director of the Mossad -The national intelligence agency of Israel and one of the leading entities in the Israeli Intelligence, and other distinguished guests.

The conference dealt mainly with crisis management at the national level – evaluation of risks and challenges.
Discussions included HLS leaders and national intelligence organizations who participated in panels on cyber crisis management and cybersecurity threats which is the primary concern for organizations in 2022.

A professional exhibition was held simultaneously, in parallel to the conference.
Together with companies from all over the world, Israeli defence companies presented the latest innovations in the defence industry. In addition, a separate area was designated just for early-stage start-up companies specializing in cyber, HLS, security, or protection. They presented innovative developments in the defence industry and had the opportunity to present their technologies to potential investors enabling exposure to international markets.

Avnon Academy’s security programs were presented at the ISDEF expo and are being personalized and made for the organization’s needs and different businesses.
We are constantly offering our delegations and innovators the best professional experts in the security industry and the highest level of study materials, technologies, and techniques.


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