Avnon Academy receives a delegation from Congo learning smart agriculture methods

Written by Nicole Selzer
February 9, 2022
- 2 min. read
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Avnon Academy was proud to receive a delegation from Congo.
The delegation learned about smart agriculture methods and techniques at the hydroponics greenhouses that produce lettuce, spices, and green vegetables in the agricultural industry.

We believe that agriculture can be grown in any situation, anywhere, and in any weather – you need technological tools and to know the right strategy.
With the help of hydroponic growing on water, it is possible to grow agriculture 365 days a year, making it possible to sell the products regularly to the market, clean and in an exceptionally high-quality way.
The systems make it possible to spend 2.5 million to 10 dunams a year, making the process effective, cheap, and fast.

Avnon Academy provides state-of-the-art greenhouse solutions that offer a wide range of models and accessories while considering environmental conditions, market demand, cost efficiency, etc.
Modern intensive agriculture considers the plants’ needs and the grower’s desire to maximise yield while decreasing the risk and production costs (i.e., the number of pesticides and herbicides consumed).
Applying greenhouse agro techniques enables year-round production to set the main yield peak according to the market demand, export, or local.

We continue providing practical skills to the various delegations in our endeavours through the most advanced technologies in the world!
In addition to extensive knowledge in growing agriculture, we offer flooring tools that help delegations to produce smart agriculture in their own countries.


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