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course list 2023

Avnon Academy has over ten years of experience teaching and training students and professional personnel in various fields, including HLS, agriculture, leadership development, food security, and more. Among our experts are senior executives in the Israeli hi-tech industry, former elite unit commanders, and leading academic scholars.
We are currently developing an annual schedule of educational and training offerings, events, research insights, and other collaborative initiatives. See the following executive and professional programmes planned for 2023 and join us to transform today’s knowledge into tomorrow’s actions.


This course will provide participants with important techniques, tools, techniques, and tips to help them improve their leadership skills and be more effective in their role.
In this course, you will gain coaching and mentoring skills and learn how to set strategy, purpose, vision, and mission in an organization. You will learn how to build leadership behaviors within an organizational culture to achieve your career goals.
This course is ideal for individuals interested in further improving their performance in organizations.

January 25th – February 7th / English
January 25th – February 7th / French
May 31th – June 13th / English
November 1st – November 14th / English
November 1st – November 14th / French
November 1st – November 14th / Spanish

Project Management is the implementation of relevant skills, knowledge, and tools to achieve the goal set for a project.
In this course, participants will explore the processes, procedures, tools and techniques, and results to create and execute an integrated project plan. Topics will include creating a project charter, determining the requirements, defining, creating, and managing the project scope; and validating the deliverables.

This course will develop senior executives of government and industry organizations to perform confidently in roles for which in-depth knowledge of national security affairs is essential.

This course will give you the techniques and tools to prepare and manage cyber security methodologies, incidents, and initiatives. Students will dive deep into the cyber security realm, providing you with the tools to enhance the technical teams’ capabilities and your organisation’s cyber posture.
This course will empower your management skills, providing you with the means to prepare, manage and react to various scenarios – from strategy planning to incident response.

This course is designed for higher education professionals in management positions. Senior staff will dive into advanced leadership techniques; the latest trends and technological developments and gain an international perspective on the academic field. The combination of lectures and study tours allows for examining the organisational, political, financial, social and ethical factors that contribute to a university’s long-term success.

With management, business and innovation as keynotes, participants discuss the larger role of higher education institutes and their capacity to influence community and national development.

This course will introduce participants to key concepts of Monitoring and Evaluation, enable them to better understand, participate in, and contribute to the M&E processes. The course offers flexibility with options for learning the content.

The course will teach participants the basic concepts to effectively lead public service programs in the governmental, nonprofit, and private sectors.
The course will provide an overview of the field of public administration by focusing on its development and importance in modern government operations at the local and national levels.

This course provides knowledge and practical skills in agriculture topics.
The program aims to introduce the practice of agriculture in Israel, with an emphasis on the concept of sustainable agriculture, its planning and application in various sectors of the agro-industrial complex.
This course provides a detailed overview of the subjects for participants who are already in the industry or for those who are new to the industry.
This course focuses on practical ways to reduce waste through optimal storage and packaging; compliance with international standards; innovative, sustainable packaging practices and technologies, and key supply chain principles.

This course will provide participants with in-depth, comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the broad areas and nature of the fight against terrorism today.
This course will discuss the alternatives available to security organizations and troops on the ground in the fight against terrorism.

The aim of this course is to show participants how to identify threats and prepare and plan effectively. The course will provide a broad spectrum of knowledge relating to risk, crisis and disaster management within organisations, including the composition and operation of the Crisis Management Team.

In this course, participants will gain knowledge and understanding of port and maritime management, focusing on international standards in this area, led by IMO and other organizations.

Border control and security have become a key component in the task of law enforcement agencies needing to address issues of crime prevention, human rights as part of the homeland security strategy.
This course will focus on the impact of migration on border security and the possible solutions used by law enforcement agencies to address these challenges from technological solutions, international law, counter smuggling and more.

This course provides participants with the ability to understand exploitation opportunities and develop deep thinking intelligence which will open pathways to enhance their understanding of given situations and provide the best outcomes for the tasking.

The aim of this course is to equip participants with the essential knowledge required for seafarers with designated security duties to perform their duties in accordance, according to the requirements of the relevant international legislation.

A modern agricultural project requires professional planning with the adaptation of the right technological solutions that will suit local conditions, climate and the requirements of certain markets.

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