Discover our dairy farming activities

Written by Nicole Selzer
February 7, 2022
- 1 min. read
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Discover our dairy farming activities and how we help delegations produce in larger volumes. Our turnkey solutions deliver a wide range of professional services that help in building and developing modern, integrated dairy farming projects.

The methodologies used are top-down, where all elements which create a cost-efficient production farm allowing potential future expansion are considered.
Avnon Academy can create and customise your dairy farm enterprise to meet your specific requirements. Our services are based upon the “Israeli concept”:

  • Intensive use of technology
  • Years of experience
  • R&D approach
  • The world’s highest-yielding cows (average of 12,000 L/year)
  • Cattle Genetics & Fertility

Parallel and herringbone milking parlour

Consumers and retailers are emphasising milk quality. Avnon Academy delivers the right milking parlour solution for your farm (Herringbone, Parallel, and Rotary) using state-of-the-art milk
meters and milking equipment.

We can offer you a full turn-key solution for milk processing plants to maximise your
earnings. “Second hand”, high quality, used equipment can be supplied upon request.



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