Establishing a new Faculty of Cyber and ICT

Avnon Academy is happy to announce the launch of a new Faculty of Cyber and ICT.

We are happy to provide you with a higher education and certified qualifications program catered to new generations in achieving the best placements in the industry. Once completed the students will be specialised in Cybertech with full grasp of the cyber industry.
Graduates will be able to apply their knowledge by launching their own business or with their expertise easily find employment in the field of cyber technology.

Why choose the Avnon Academy?
Avnon Academy is part of the Avnon Holdings, it specialises in advanced training and large-scale, long-term projects which benefit individuals and entire communities by enabling them to build their future and the future of their nations.
Our courses syllabus have been built through years of experience, knowledge, and uncompromising professionalism. Avnon Academy provides professionals with new insights and capabilities to implement and create a sustainable future.
Our teaching methodology is combined with learning, challenging students with practical exercises & case studies with our unique training techniques. The goal is to provide both public and private sectors with experienced human resources in cybersecurity.

Who are the Avnon Academy’s experts?
Avnon Academy has more than 400 experts in various topics and subjects.
Among them: Mr Arik Brabbing, Mr Joseph Sassi, Mr Dor Amit, and Mr Yaniv Barkai have years of expertise in cyber, defence, research, technological intelligence, and security.

What do the cyber courses include?
Our courses include cyber fundamentals, Soc analyst, NOC Analyst, Incident response, Secos, threat intelligence, Penetration tester, Vulnerability researcher, Digital Forensics, Malware Analyst, Cisco, Soc- Read Team and Forensics Management and hand-on training in labs.

Why study in Israel?
Israel is the leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, and its companies range from technology to agriculture to biomed and Fintech. One leading sector is cybersecurity, with over 450 companies operating in Israel today. This is about 5% of the global cybersecurity market.
The leading fields in Israeli start-up investments are cyber and FinTech. There is a growing trend of Israeli private scale-up companies such as Fiverr, Iron Source, Wix, Taboola, Outbrain, etc. Such companies have begun to set the tone for the Israeli tech ecosystem: a “Scale-Up Nation” focused on building large, successful multinational companies with thousands of employees and significant revenues.

The Israeli tech industry is a massive growth engine for the Israeli economy, with about 50% of all exports, and has the highest access to capital markets (per capita). The tech sector employs about 8% of the Israeli population and accounts for 13% of the business sector GDP. With that approach and these prospects, Israel became an asset to investors worldwide.
Israel ranks first in the world in terms of R&D spending per capita – 4.94% of the country’s GDP is invested in R&D (2018), while the average among OECD countries is 2.4%. Israel has the highest percentage of engineers and scientists per capita globally. The country also has one of the highest rates of university degrees and academic publications per capita (Israel Innovation Survey 2018-2019, Israel Innovation Authority).
Israel is continuously and actively promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, which testifies to this innovative spirit: 11 Israelis have received Nobel Prizes in various categories.

What are the main objectives of the establishment of a cyber university?
The National Cyber Program is a comprehensive and intensive curriculum beyond traditional training designed to equip government officials and students with advanced technology and empower their knowledge and cyber skills. The focus is on the critical aspects of national cyberspace protection, such as establishing and advancing the cyber in different industries. An important priority in cyber-security is developing human capital in the cyber-security sector to enhance operational methods and procedures.

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do,” Leonardo da Vinci.
Our mission is to strengthen your cyber human capital, create balanced regulations based on a regulatory impact analysis approach, develop long-term education programs in cyber-security by establishing national-cyber labs, and more.
We provide cyber defence , protection, and security to organisations in their most critical situations, mitigating national cyberspace threats and promoting citizens capabilities and threat awareness.

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