Get familiar with the Avnon team!

Written by Nicole Selzer
March 24, 2022
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This is how the Avnon academy team celebrates! Did you know? Avnon Academy is part of Avnon Holdings together with Avnon HLS Group and other amazing divisions that give us plenty of reasons to have fun together.
Learn more about us and the Avnon Group divisions:

The Avnon Academy- Its foundations are built upon years of accumulated knowledge, experience, and uncompromising professionalism.
The Avnon Academy provides professionals with new insights and capabilities to implement and help build a safer and sustainable future.

The Avnon Holdings- is a leading enterprise operating in a diverse range of business environments. Avnon Holdings’ vision is to create, shape, and lead the development of new initiatives and technologies that will promote and support global security, stability, sustainability, and economic ecosystems.
Avnon Holdings holds a diverse portfolio of capabilities to develop new technology systems and promote initiatives in a wide area of business environments.

The Avnon HLS– is a recognised global leader in HLS & Defence solutions working with governments and HLS organisations in over 70 countries.
The Avnon HLS is a leading international provider of comprehensive and integral technological solutions that maintain public safety and security, under every scenario.


It’s fundamental for us to never forget joy and fun despite the long work hours!

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