Hosting the minister of education of Congo

Written by Nicole Selzer
February 21, 2022
- 1 min. read
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The Avnon Academy is hosting the Honorable Mr. Muhindo Nzangi Butondo minister of education of The Democratic Republic of Congo.

Avnon Academy is excited to have an ongoing collaboration with the DRC in a variety of fields, including training in cyber, agriculture and medtech.

Higher education is the fertile ground that nourishes every prosperous society, and we are more than happy to be a significant part of that process.

We aim to raise the national economy and social well-being in various countries worldwide by analysing markets, leveraging strengths, and designing a comprehensive blueprint of supportive pillars that will contribute to public growth and progress.

At Avnon Academy, we believe that the prospect of nations depends on the realisation of their citizens’ potential. We believe that training and knowledge are essential keys to economic progress – for a better quality of life for individuals, communities, and the entire nation.

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