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Written by Nicole Selzer
May 25, 2022
- 2 min. read
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The Avnon Academy was honoured to receive a delegation learning about modern integrated poultry farming. A top-down planning methodology was used, considering all the elements that create a cost-efficient production farm that allows potential future expansion.
We are happy to help delegations build new projects and apply smart agriculture techniques in their countries through our advanced technologies and tools.

The Avnon Academy’s team of experts help provide complete solutions for poultry farms, such as:

Hatchery & Genetic line
Through extensive experience in both domestic and overseas projects, Avnon Academy offers the best genetic line suitable for farms.
We cooperate closely with leading breeders and R&D centres in Israel, using technologies that enable us to integrate state-of-the-art hatching incubators and breeding farms.

Adapting the required structures (Hens, Pullets and Broilers) to local conditions is the basis for a successful project. The modular & smart systems we offer can ensure the poultry’s optimal ventilation and living conditions to produce maximum yields while adhering to the international laws and standards.

Auto-computer controlled systems
Will operate the following systems: artificial light, climate control, feeding, drinking, egg collecting & waste treatment systems to ensure optimal production, maximum yields and profitability.

Feed mill and food centre
The key to successful production starts by securing the quality of the consumed food. Avnon Academy offers the best available know-how and experience in food production. The food centre technologies include feed mills, vertical storage, “smart” silos and grain intake combined with weight and volume sensors connected to the main computer system.

Bio-Hazard (health control & infection privation) & Engineering
When planning a modular integrated farm, our team of engineers and specialists consider all lay-out aspects
such as topography, proper drainage, good access roads and particularly Bio-hazard elements.

Processing plant
Avnon Academy will establish the optimal processing plant and its variety of produced food based on the farm’s capacity and market demand. Our food engineers will adapt the taste of the products to fit the local market. Products can include chilled & frozen products such as smoked pastrami, canned meat, frozen fried dishes, etc.

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