Advanced Leadership & Management Program for Senior Managers and Executives

Advanced Leadership & Management Program for Senior Managers and Executives

Take the next step and launch your career: a comprehensive, practical and relevant course that will open new horizons for your executive career.

Managing and leading positions are demanding at their core; at the base of those roles, there is one crucial factor: continual evolution. Without that ability, a manager can never fully lead with adjustment to the organisation’s growth, goals and values, which are occasionally changing. This program focuses on sharpening the strategic mindset, vocational tools and techniques and introducing new and relevant theories that will refurbish your existing professional toolkit.


A two-week course in Israel. This course is relevant for groups and not for individuals.
Frontal course in Israel
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Advanced Leadership & Management Program for Senior Managers and Executives

Advanced Leadership & Management Program will open your mind to new horizons, accelerate your career, and will give you the opportunity to reflect and plan the next steps in your career pathway.

Senior Managers and Executives from all sectors

Future and aspiring c-level managers, senior managers and executives

Discovery Program
Top Academic Experience
Two-Weeks Academic Program in Israel, Frontal Classes & Workshops.
360° Coverage
Advanced Classrooms, Hotels and Meals Are All Covered – All You Need is to Pack Your Suitcase.
Exclusive Program
Expert Lecturers and Key-Position Holders with Special Lectures and a Professional Tour Day.
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During the Program, You Will Enjoy Three Tour Days, Exploring the Holy Land’s Historic Sites.

Mr Shlomo Lempert

Mr Lempert Has over 30 years of experience in various Senior and Executive positions, segments and industries worldwide, with a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience providing a substantial and unique contribution to organisations and individuals.
He is also a member of the International Association of Facilitators and a Certified Trainer/Coach. Mr Lempert holds degrees and certifications from Harvard Business School; USA, INSEAD Business School; France, Faculty of Business Management and Faculty of Social Science (incl/ Labor relations), Tel Aviv University; Israel.

With a PhD in chemistry and decades of experience R&D and management positions in the IDF, The Israeli Police and the private sector, Dr Zadock is an accomplished member in the Forensic Science Community. Dr Zadock led the Division of Identification and Forensic Science of the Israeli Police (DIFS) during the Al-Aqsa Intifada terror attacks in 2000-2004 and founded the Israeli Forensic DNA Database. Nowadays, he is an international consultant for various forensic services.


Managing Methods, Networking & Decision-Making

Learn and apply a leadership style, create productive dialogue, understand and develop new techniques to maximise the performance and fulfil the potential throughout the entire organisation. These practical methods will enhance your networking skills and improve your decision-making process.

Collaboration, Authority Delegating & Internal Conflict Resolution

Creating successful collaborations is a critical tool for every manager. Part of that process is setting boundaries and learning to delegate authority while resolving natural conflicts in the most effective way. This section will focus on the stated manners while directing a spotlight on the organisational learning process, which is significant in any collaboration, authority delegating, and internal conflict resolution.

The Importance of Trust to Authority

Trust is fundamental when building a long-lasting, successful organisation. It is an essential tool and characteristic in thriving managers and leaders and vital to manage and influence employees effectively, even when there is no authority. Without trust between the organisation and its employees, it is almost impossible to grow and prosper, especially when today’s business environments are more like working in a matrix and less hierarchic.

Get Creative with Your Strategy

Strategic planning is a basic yet important tool in every manager’s arsenal. Adding to that innovation and creativity will raise your strategy to the next level and enable the strategy to become more comprehensive and efficient when handling global and transverse management methods.

Design Your Organisation

Explore the meaning of organisational design and provide relevant study cases. Learn to develop and apply new mindset and techniques to ensure clear communication and enhance employee performance and engagement, especially in cases of remote management, as part of the organisational design process. Organisational design is essential for many reasons, but it holds another critical aspect in today’s business scenery: creating diversity and inclusion for relevant, long-lasting and modern organisations.

Manage the Present, Lead the Future

Understand the specifics and differences of sectors and the implications on leadership and management styles. Create a connection to society, define the organisation’s contribution, and find the right balance of commitment of its employees. Reflect and brainstorm on trends and the future of work, including technological disruption, understand the implications, opportunities, and challenges ahead and prepare for various outcomes.