Counter-Terrorism and Bomb Threats for Managers

Counter-Terrorism and Bomb Threats for Managers

An extensive drill-down to the core of terror: motives, history, intelligence and most important of all – practical ways of prevention.

Although the term TERROR has a vast history, when examining it through the 20th & 21-century prism, it concludes into its core as we know it – harming civilians and undermining authorities. Counter-Terrorism and Bomb Threats Course for Managers is an extensive and practical course that introduces and discusses counter-terrorism and terrorism, directing a spotlight on the increasing phenomenon of suicide bombers and explosive cars.


A two weeks long frontal course in Israel.This course is relevant for groups and not for individuals.
Frontal course in Israel
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Counter-Terrorism and Bomb Threats for Managers

This course elaborates the motives, agendas and catalysts of terrorism. It enables a profound and pragmatic analysis of counter-terrorism measures and tactics available to security organisations, militaries and governments worldwide.

Security Managers

Key Positions in Security Organisations

Military & Government Representatives

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Mr Samuel Bashan

With over 20 years of service in the IDF and ISA, a chief-instructor of the ISA’s Anti-Sabotage Unit, and an expert master trainer of bomb security and preventing sabotage. Mr Bashan was responsible for three Israeli prime ministers’ protection, and formulating and implementing precious security procedures and systems in many Israeli critical infrastructures, such as Ben-Gurion International Airport.

With a PhD in chemistry and decades of experience R&D and management positions in the IDF, The Israeli Police and the private sector, Dr Zadock is an accomplished member in the Forensic Science Community. Dr Zadock led the Division of Identification and Forensic Science of the Israeli Police (DIFS) during the Al-Aqsa Intifada terror attacks in 2000-2004 and founded the Israeli Forensic DNA Database. Nowadays, he is an international consultant for various forensic services.



The Threat of Terrorism – methodology & measures, active terror organisations, and global terrorism.

Explosive Devices

The Terrorist’s Style – history, evolution, and case studies of standard & improvised explosives, mechanisms, and detonators.

The Mindset of Jihad

Review on the phenomena and recruitment of suicide bombers and Jihadi women’s role; identification, preparation, response and prevention of suicide bombers.

Explosive Cars

Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) & Booby Traps – different types of explosive cars & traps and countermeasures

Know the Enemy

Collecting Intelligence & Profiling – adversary’s point of view and first steps in preparing an attack; the art of questioning and interrogation; identification of irregular behaviour.

Identify the Threat

Weapon Concealment – technology, tools & equipment designed to detect concealed terrorists’ weapons.


Counter Explosive Screening – security strategies and scaling to identify suspicious items and objects.

Case Studies & Conclusion

Review and analysis of past events.