Incident Response - IR

Cyber IR

Experience in the cyber-security field


  • Candidates must have experience in the cyber-security field with a technical background in security systems, Windows, Linux and networking
  • Candidates with a background in communication systems
  • Successful completion of the Cyber Fundamentals Program


3 Weeks (216 hours) frontal course in Israel. This course is relevant for groups and not for individuals.
Frontal course in Israel
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Incident Response - IR


More and more companies realizing the detrimental impact of internet crimes on the company’s revenue and reputation. Quick and accurate responses are vital to handle security incidents successfully. This course will train the students to provide essential answers regarding each security breach to prevent the next attempt and secure the organization’s valuable data.


After completing this course, you will have the ability to:

  • Define incident response plan
  • Investigate office files, PDF, RTF
  • Analyse emails for forensics purposes
  • Detect, analyses, and contain malware and attackers
  • Find anomalies in network traffic
  • Investigate Windows and Linux systems
  • Analyse detected malware and create an IOCs / TTP
  • Use a big-data system for SIEM, threat hunting and forensics



At the end of the course, students will have a certification test to the international organization and receive an EU certificate.


• This course is for SOC analysts seeking to enter the field of Incident Response

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Incident Response (32 hours)

  • Introduction to Incident Response
  • Emails & Attachments Analysis
  • Windows Artefacts

Network Analysis (40 hours)

  • Advanced Wireshark
  • Network Attacks & Mitigations
  • Network-based Signatures

Memory Analysis (40 hours)

  • Memory Structure
  • Memory Acquisition
  • Memory Analysis using Volatility

Basic Malware Analysis (32 hours)

  • Basic Static Analysis
  • Basic Dynamic Analysis
  • Sandboxes

Threat Hunting (32 hours)

  • Threat Hunting Concepts & Methodologies
  • Threat Hunting Across Endpoints
  • Threat Hunting in Enterprise

SOAR System (40 hours)

  • Playbooks
  • Case Management & collaboration
  • System Integration