Food Security Course

Food Security Course

This program focusses on practical ways of reducing losses by optimal storage and packaging, meeting global standards, innovative, sustainable methods and technologies for packing, and key supply chain principles.


A course relevant for groups. Individual can not join in to the course, only group.
Frontal course in Israel
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Food Security Course


This course provides solutions to farmers, consultants, directors of regional offices responsible for the agricultural sector and agriculture trainers who are doing the training for themselves or organizations, businesses who want to put all their management team through the training, so they all work in the same way, develop a common language, share common challenges and acquire similar same skills set.

The program is based on three elements/ learning accelerators:

  1. Live sessions to attend, learn new methods, tools tips and participate by practicing sharing and providing your insights
  2. Homework and tasks in between modules: where you will be requested to reflect your learnings, try them and think where you could further apply in the future, including what can you change in your daily work.
  3. Individual or team project: Apply what you learn. Complete an assignment designed by your program director.



Directors of Regional Offices Responsible For The Agricultural Sector & Agriculture Trainers

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Mr. Shimon Pesahovitz

Mr. Shimon Pesahovitz has over 30 years of experience in various Senior/Executive positions, segments, and industries worldwide, a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience providing a substantial and unique contribution to organizations, management and individuals.

Shimon Pesahovitz is an expert provider of the right solutions in the area of agriculture


Key factors in loss prevention of Fruits, Herbs, Grains, Roots (Tubers)


The Role of the Packing House in the Postharvest Sequence


Storage methods: principals and impact


Cooling techniques and Humidity as a major element in product shelf life


Global Gap: how we meet and use for our benefit


Green technology to extend shelf life (Sustainable Post harvesting)