Forensic Science for Managers

Forensic Science for Managers

Behind the scenes of real-life: learn the critical aspects of forensic science and the priceless importance of forensic justice.

There’s a reason why Forensic Science moved from police stations labs to the front row in many TV shows, with an extra touch of glamour, and it’s not only because it looks great on the small screen. Forensic Science is a field that combines technology, science and justice altogether, giving an unambiguous proof of justice being made at its best. Labs, tools and experts in forensic science are key elements in modern criminal investigations, assisting law enforcement to accurate their work from the very beginning, at the crime scene.


A two weeks long frontal course in Israel. This course is relevant for groups and not for individuals.
Frontal course in Israel
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Forensic Science for Managers

Forensic Science Course for Managers elaborate and examine the history of forensic work, its importance and influence on justice, the indispensable value of the forensic database, and an in-depth review of the technologies and tools enabling crime-solving – from burglary to terrorism and mass-fatalities events.

Government officials

Justice system
Social workers

Police officials

Forensic Science
Lab workers
Police Officers
Privet investigators

Police Officers


Social Workers

Private Investigators

Government, Armed Forces, National Security and Intelligence Services Representatives

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Dr Azi (Azarel) Zadock

With a PhD in chemistry and decades of experience R&D and management positions in the IDF, The Israeli Police and the private sector, Dr Zadock is an accomplished member in the Forensic Science Community. Dr Zadock led the Division of Identification and Forensic Science of the Israeli Police (DIFS) during the Al-Aqsa Intifada terror attacks in 2000-2004 and founded the Israeli Forensic DNA Database. Nowadays, he is an international consultant for various forensic services.


Introduction to Forensic Science

History, basic definitions and development of forensic science, its impact on criminal justice and applications in related fields.

Start at the Beginning: Crime Scene Investigation

The role of forensic investigators, essential principles, means and technologies used in the crime scene.

Step Two

Entering the Lab – an extensive scan of modern technologies and scientific capabilities used in forensic labs.

Always a Step Ahead

Forensic Databases – the roll and types of forensic databases and the legal and ethical questions arise from forensic databases work and capabilities.

Fighting Terror

Forensic Science is a Strong Weapon – apply forensic science toolkit to intelligence collection, investigation and prevention of terror attacks.

Disaster Victim Identification

DVI – an examination of crucial forensic science elements in investigating and managing natural disasters and terror mass fatalities events.