Irrigation Course

Irrigation Course


2-week course in Israel. This course is relevant for groups and not for individuals.
Frontal course in Israel
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Irrigation Course


Irrigation is a significant denominator in ensuring sustainable agriculture for high yield, high-quality production. Effective irrigation management allows the growth of crops in dry seasons and arid areas and overcomes the dependence of crop production on rainfall.

Furthermore, irrigation increases crop yields and improves production quality, thus increasing income for the growers and ensuring food security.

To gain optimal results, the effective usage of irrigation focuses in three main areas:

  • The understanding of the irrigation principles and concepts
  • Design of irrigation – selection of the appropriate method and system
  • Proper operation of the irrigation systems

To employ the most appropriate irrigation practices, knowledge transfer to all of those involved in irrigation is necessary. The most practical method of knowledge transfer is training. Irrigation training can cover a wide range of training programs to meet the actual training requirements.

The Avnon Academy has developed a comprehensive range of training programs

For a wide range of subjects covering all irrigation and irrigated agriculture requirements for knowledge.

Discovery Program
Top Academic Experience
Two-Weeks Academic Program in Israel, Frontal Classes & Workshops.
360° Coverage
Advanced Classrooms, Hotels and Meals Are All Covered – All You Need is to Pack Your Suitcase.
Exclusive Program
Expert Lecturers and Key-Position Holders with Special Lectures and a Professional Tour Day.
Discover Israel
During the Program, You Will Enjoy Three Tour Days, Exploring the Holy Land’s Historic Sites.

Dr. Gideon Peri

Dr. Gideon Peri has over 40 years of experience in irrigations, He consults to government entities about agriculture and especially irrigation.

Senior/Executive positions, segments, and industries worldwide, a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience providing a substantial and unique contribution to organizations, management, and individuals.

Dr. Gideon Peri is an expert provider of the right solutions in agriculture.


Basic irrigation principles

  • Crop and irrigation water requirement
  • Soil water/moisture content

Basic hydraulics

  • Hydrostatics
  • Flow in pipes

Irrigation methods

  • Description of irrigation methods – advantages and deficiencies
  • Selection of irrigation methods


  • Water/soil/plant relationships


  • Irrigation systems and its components
  • Operation of irrigation systems


  • Design of water systems for irrigation