Leadership and Management Course

Leadership and Management Course

Lead the future of your career: learn practical tools and methods and acquire invaluable skills that will sharpen your management expertise and enhance your leadership abilities.

Leadership is the tipping point between success or failure in almost every aspect of our lives, especially in the business and entrepreneurship worlds. In our high-paced, ambitious modern lives, leadership skills are more than essential for every manager because, after all, you can be a great leader with no management skills (the history is full of examples). Still, it is rare to find an accomplished manager with no leadership skills.


A two weeks long frontal course in Israel. This course is relevant for groups and not for individuals.
Frontal course in Israel
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Leadership and Management Course

This course will introduce you to important techniques, tools, methods, and study cases to enhance your managerial and leadership skills. This program is ideal for people interested in applying crucial principles in management disciplines and how to improve their leadership skills, performance, and decision-making within their organisations.

The program is composed of three learning accelerators:
Live sessions with enriching discussions.
Personal assignments in between modules.
Final Project: individually or in groups.

Managers and Leaders in different levels from all sectors

Project managers/Leaders managing people indirectly (Regional/HQ, others)

Future and aspiring managers

Discovery Program
Top Academic Experience
Two-Weeks Academic Program in Israel, Frontal Classes & Workshops.
360° Coverage
Advanced Classrooms, Hotels and Meals Are All Covered – All You Need is to Pack Your Suitcase.
Exclusive Program
Expert Lecturers and Key-Position Holders with Special Lectures and a Professional Tour Day.
Discover Israel
During the Program, You Will Enjoy Three Tour Days, Exploring the Holy Land’s Historic Sites.

Mr Shlomo Lempert

Mr Lempert Has over 30 years of experience in various Senior and Executive positions, segments and industries worldwide, with a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience providing a substantial and unique contribution to organisations and individuals.
He is also a member of the International Association of Facilitators and a Certified Trainer/Coach. Mr Lempert holds degrees and certifications from Harvard Business School; USA, INSEAD Business School; France, Faculty of Business Management and Faculty of Social Science (incl/ Labor relations), Tel Aviv University; Israel.


Setting Targets & Values

Understand and learn how to set the organisation’s purpose, vision, and mission as part of a comprehensive strategic plan. Learn how to fix those targets based on your organisation’s values, ethics and business guidelines so that they’ll create long-term aims corresponding with the organisation’s vision.

Create a System

Evaluation & Estimations – Create evaluation and assessments processes using acquired practical tools while defining relevant objectives and expectations according to the organisation’s priorities order.

High Motivation High Efficiency

Learn how to make the best use of your time, find the right work-life balance, prioritise and encourage others to do the same. By doing so the right way, efficiency will increase across the organisation. Discover means to drive the organisation’s performance to excellence by creating incentives systems.

See Your Employee

Recruitment & Development – Acquire the skills to build brand values that will raise the organisation’s practice and reputation in nurturing employees. Develop and apply methods to challenge your employees and maximise their potential.

Retention & Attention

Learn techniques and practical methods in coaching and mentoring, which are critical tools in preserving, encouraging and developing your employees.

Leading is a Continual Process

Evaluation is a continuous process, and it should change as the organisation’s goals and prospects change while maintaining high standards through dialogue and feedback. Quality evaluation cannot exist without clear communication – ensure an open channel with your employees via various methods and acquired skills.