The Foodtech and Agritech Boom

Written by Avnon Academy
May 31, 2023
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European foodtech and Agritech startups experienced unprecedented activity in 2022, marking it as their most dynamic year to date.


In the wake of the groundbreaking “Food for Climate” report, the upcoming Food Sec & Tech Summit is poised to be a pivotal event for the future of sustainable food systems. The report, as detailed in a recent article on, reveals that 2022 was the most active year ever for European foodtech and agritech startups, underscoring the increasing importance of these sectors in the fight against the consequences of climate change. The upcoming Food Sec & Tech summit aims to further spotlight these sectors, bringing together global innovators, investors, and decision-makers to discuss the future of food security and technology.

The “Food for Climate” report, published by FoodLabs, conducted a comprehensive analysis of the European Foodtech and Climate startup landscape. It identified more than 340 startups operating across 16 distinct segments, all of which prioritize the sustainability of the food system as a crucial aspect of their mission.

In 2022, the foodtech and agritech sectors saw a significant increase in the number of new startups, funding rounds, and overall investment. This trend indicates a growing recognition of the potential of these sectors to address some of the most pressing challenges of our time, including climate change, food security, and sustainable agriculture.

The report also highlights several standout startups that have made significant strides in their respective fields. These include companies focusing on plant-based foods, precision farming, vertical farming, and food waste reduction, among others.

The report highlights that 2022 was a landmark year for the sector. European foodtech and agritech startups with a climate focus secured $1.9 billion in venture capital (VC) funding, marking a 20% surge compared to the funding received in the previous year. Specifically, agritech startups experienced a growth spurt, raising $516 million in 2022, which indicates a 5% increase from the prior year.

The upcoming Food Sec & Tech Summit is set to further spotlight the importance of foodtech and agritech. The summit will showcase the latest advancements in these sectors, providing a platform for startups to demonstrate their solutions to a global audience. It will also feature discussions on key topics such as the role of technology in ensuring food security, the impact of climate change on agriculture, and the potential of foodtech and agritech to drive sustainable development.

The surge in activity in the European foodtech and agritech sectors in 2022 is a promising sign for the future. It suggests that we are on the cusp of a climate-smart revolution in our food systems, driven by innovation and technology. The upcoming Food Sec & Tech Summit will be an important event in this journey, providing a platform for the exchange of ideas and the showcasing of innovative solutions.

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