Will robotics and artificial intelligence soon revolutionize agriculture?

Written by Nicole Selzer
May 25, 2022
- 2 min. read
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Traditional agricultural industries are typically associated with hard work, manual labor, heavy machinery, and vehicles. This is all going to change in the near future.
Technology has put a foot forward. According to an article in Dark Magazine, robotics and artificial intelligence will soon revolutionize agriculture. If nothing else, it will make life a lot easier for farmers.

The magazine quoted Hermione Dace, a policy analyst at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change in London, saying, “There won’t be a single model of agriculture in the future, but there will be a move away from the industrial model of farming. Traditional farming will still exist, but there will be less of it. Robotics will help traditional farmers apply inputs more precisely and reduce the environmental impact of farming as well as saving cost.”

Serbia is one of the places where the digitization of traditional agriculture is already taking place. Serbia’s agriculture sector is increasingly using new technologies, reports Bne IntelliNews.

Vladimir Crnojević, director of the BioSense Institute, told the magazine: “The benefits of the first agricultural revolution, when we switched from horses to tractors, have been exhausted. In the second, we used chemicals, but now there are no more significant benefits from chemistry.
IT (and associated products like robotics) is the only tool we are left with. We believe that soon agriculture will be fully automated and people will really be just consumers and managers. The sensors, robots, satellites, drones, and other technologies we are using today will be predominant in agriculture.”

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